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 Hello Everyone,   I was excited to see that they had a yoga swing on Renegade Health Show !!     Back Pain and Tightness Relief with the Yoga Swing (Plus Thoughts on Smart Choices) – The Renegade Health Show Episode #401   If you wish to take a look at the swings I have available which are a more comfortable version, go to   If you wish to order a yoga swing, call me at 970-576-8022.   I love my yoga swing and use it every day.  The gravotonics yoga swing does not come with a stand but is easy to install either with eye hooks in a door jam or a supporting ceiling beam.   You can take it to the park and hang it on a swing set.  It has brought so much fun into my practice and the support it gives me in poses is relaxing beyond what I have ever experienced in my practice.   Enjoy the show!   Shanti,

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