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Update on Upcoming Fall Classes:  Dear Students, Having scoped out the digs at the new retreat, I am unable to find sufficient space for group class.  I have decided to take only private clients for one-on-one practice.  I am unable to accommodate students in a group setting and know there are some of you wishing to continue lessons with me.   Rather than not teach, I have decided to teach and remain available to those who wish to learn and practice with me.  Although plans of having a group class would have made class a nominal charge, only taking private clients raises the price slightly.  Having kept my price adequate compensation for my time, you will be very pleased with your experience with me and enjoy the private facilities which include a swimming pool and hot tub.  You will be able to enjoy swimming laps or relaxing in the hot tub after each lesson if you choose, as well as a private shower and changing area.  Please contact me if you have questions.  Visit the Yoga Retreat Page to see our fabulous views and fantastic $10 add on Spa Treatments.   (Fall Special Noted Below!)
Private Yoga and Meditation Instruction
$40/2 hour session.
Students must sign up for four lessons at a time.
Payment is expected at the first lesson of the four.
We will meet two to four times per month, depending students preference.
Lessons may include but are not limited to the Yoga Basics, in depth Cosmic Secret of Youth Hatha Yoga Sequence with Meditation Instruction and some nutritional guidance.
We may tailor your lesson to what you wish to learn.

Homework is recommended between lessons for students to build a home practice of what has been taught.

If for some reason I or the student need to miss a lesson due to illness or personal matters, we will give each other as much notice as possible that we must reschedule a lesson. If no notice is given refunds are not available and I in return offer a free lesson if I have not given you notice of a canceled lesson.

Do not hesitate to contact us with questions.

I am excited of the possibility of helping you build your practice and practicing yoga together.

Peace, Happiness and Loving Kindness,

Special Workshops--
Yoga studios interested in hosting Jennifer as a guest yoga instructor and/or meditation instructor for workshops please contact us.

Jennifer has been a student and teacher of yoga and meditation for over 7+ years and has taught well over 3000 hours.

She has taught many private lessons and workshops in the Thompson Valley and Poudre School District as well as yoga studios, churches and public and private events.

Jennifer can help you build a yoga practice of your own that focuses on what your are interested in learning based on the benefits you wish to enjoy from a yoga practice. Whether your focus is more physically oriented or more spiritually oriented, she welcomes you to call.

Meditation Workshops Available

Transcendental Meditation, Zen and other types of meditation  

Sad Guru Satchitanada
Yoga Workshop
Private Yoga Lesson with Jennifer Monk *approximately 2 to 2 1/2  hours

Lesson Includes Pranayama (Breathing Practice) Chakra Balancing warm up and Anasura Yoga Invocation Meditation, followed by Chakra Balancing yoga asana including invocation deepening into guided meditation and final self-meditation.


I offer myself to the Light, who is the True Teacher within and without (the teacher of all teachers),
Who assumes the forms of Reality, Consciousness and Bliss,
Who is never absent and is full of peace, Independent in its existence,
It is the vital essence of illumination.
“A deeply spiritual practice comprised of yoga traditions, enlivening and adding to your own personal practice and journey to your self. Both beginner and practicing yogis will enjoy this workshop.”

sad guru [sud guru]: true guru sat[sut]: good; existence; being; reality; sat-chit-ananda [sut chit aanund]: being-consciousness-bliss.
*Class may vary depending on length of meditation depending upon student needs.

Come enjoy an integral yoga workshop designed to bring yoga deeper into your own spiritual practice or your spiritual self deeper into your yoga practice.

*After classes students have complimentary access to enjoy the Satchitananda Yoga Retreat private pool and hot tub, as well as shower facility stocked with all natural and organic, Pure Fiji Spa Bath Products.

Northern Colorado Distributor
Gravotonics Yoga Swings
To Order: 970-576-8022
Free yoga swing lesson when you order a yoga swing through Satchitananda Yoga
To view the swings go to

Please contact for location and registration.

 Private Lessons

Date:  Starting Fall 2010
including 20 minute meditation. 75 minutes
$25 per lesson, four lesson minimum
Enjoy the in-door swimming pool and hot tub after yoga class.
Offer Expires September 1, 2010

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